Box Truck for Jesus

Budget TruckAs many of you may know, LifePoint rents a Budget Truck every week to transport our equipment to the theater. There are many benefits to this.

  • Simplicity – One vehicle with all of our equipment is easier to coordinate than 15 sedans.
  • Time – It would take longer to load 15 vehicles vs. 1 and there fore cutting into precious sleep or set-up time.
  • Time: Part 2 – Let’s be honest, it takes a special person to get up that early to transport equipment. We have a few of those people but 15 would be hard to come by at this point.
  • Environment – 15 vehicles put out more pollution then 1 truck. Renting a truck says we care about the planet.

There are other reasons why a truck is a better fit but that at least gives you the highlights. Now renting a truck is no picnic. First of all it isn’t cheap. It sometimes can be a hassle working with the rental companies inconsistencies. Oh yeah, did I mention it isn’t cheap?

That is the reason for this post. We are looking for a box truck that we can call our very own for the sake of reaching people for Christ. Our only specifications are that is needs to have a loading ramp and be at least 15ft long, other than that we aren’t very picky. We are however not financially capable of buying said truck.

Maybe you have a truck you don’t need. Maybe you know someone who has a truck they don’t need. Maybe you know someone who knows someone who has a truck they don’t need. Or maybe you just feel like God would have you help us find one. We need your help to prepare for what God has next for LifePoint and part of that is opening up resources in a responsible fashion.

If you are interested helping us with this please just comment on this blog or send us an email at the address in the footer of this page. Thank you all in advance.

FYI: Owning our own box truck would let us reallocate $216.00 a month or $2,600.00 a year to more important things. That may not seem like a lot but with a solid strategy that can accomplish so much. Thanks again for all your help