Books I wish I were reading

A short time ago I added to my sidebar some books that I am reading again. This is mostly due to the lack of financial support to my continuing education but also because these books are worth reading multiple times. I have now added to my sidebar my list of the next six books I wish I were reading. This is not a shameless ploy to get people to buy me these books, although gifts of this type are accepted. This list is just to share with you what books have caught my attention and that I will most likely be reading very shortly. If you read them before me let me know what you think and then send me your used copy. 😉

Any and all books should be mailed to LifePoint Community Church C/O Pastor James Laws, PO Box 2891 Cleveland, TN 37320. Books will not be returned so please do not send any books that you cannot live without. All books received are done so as a contribution to the further education of LifePoint’s current and future staff. By sending books to the above address you are acknowledging your agreement to the terms above. Thank you for your support.