Bible Exploration: Week 5

Wow! I have been so covered over with work and church stuff that I have had no time to keep up with blogging or our weekly Bible Exploration updates. I also think that we have had some heavy posts recently and sometimes that will slow down our momentum as we ponder the discussion.

Either way I am trying to get back in the swing of things so here is the reading schedule for week 6.


Exodus 10

Psalms 64, 65

Romans 15, 16


Exodus 11, 12

Psalms 66, 67

Mark 1


Exodus 13, 14

Psalms 68

Mark 2


Exodus 15

Psalms 69

Mark 3


Exodus 16

Psalms 70, 71

Mark 4


Exodus 17, 18

Psalms 72

Mark 5


Exodus 19, 20

Psalms 73

Mark 6

The last couple of weeks have been really hard but I think if I can press through this week I will get my second wind. What have been some of your struggles with this Bible Exploration over the past 5 weeks?