Bible Exploration: Week 14

At this point in the exploration you have to feel a little sense of accomplishment. It is right now that we are getting through 2 and almost three books in a week. Does that make the reading easier for you. It always helps me.

My favorite passage of the week is Galatians 3:15. I love how Paul subtly teaches, teachers. In this verse he starts by saying, “To give a human example”. In other worlds, let me teach this to you plainly. I love it. It’s definitely good advice for all who are called to teach God’s Word.

Here is you reading for this week. Sorry I am a little late.


Numbers 24, 25

Proverbs 17

Ephesians 5, 6


Numbers 26

Proverbs 18

Philippians 1, 2


Numbers 27

Proverbs 19

Philippians 3, 4


Numbers 28

Proverbs 20

John 1


Numbers 29, 30

Proverbs 21

John 2, 3


Numbers 31

Proverbs 22

John 4


Numbers 32

Proverbs 23

John 5