Bible Exploration: Week 13

Another week down. It has been a very eye opening journey for me so far. I will explain in what ways in some later posts. I can say this hasn’t been easy with my current schedule but I am determined to make this journey a priority.

I have question for all of you who are also on this journey. What are your biggest struggles in you daily reading and what have you done to deal with them? I look forward to your answers but until then hear is the next weeks reading schedule.


Numbers 14

Proverbs 10

Luke 23


Numbers 15

Proverbs 11

Luke 24


Numbers 16

Proverbs 12

Galatians 1, 2


Numbers 17, 18

Proverbs 13

Galatians 3, 4


Numbers 19

Proverbs 14

Galatians 5, 6


Numbers 20, 21

Proverbs 15

Ephesians 1, 2


Numbers 22, 23

Proverbs 16

Ephesians 3, 4

Here is my favorite passage from week 13.

In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. – Proverbs 3:4