Bible Exploration: Week 12

I know I haven’t been keeping up with our one year bible exploration. Now that all the various blogs have been divided up properly I am going to do my best at posting the week end wrap up and the coming weeks reading schedule.

I have also need to be honest that on top of not posting the week end wrap up I have also been sporadic at best with my reading. Sometimes I get caught up in my study that I let the daily reading fall behind. I would like to also make an honorable mention. Angela agreed to do the one year reading thing with me at the last minute. She really was non-committal to the whole thing but has been completely faithful to the reading. Good job Angela, you are an inspiration to me.

How about the rest of you? How are you doing?

Here is the coming weeks reading schedule.


Numbers 5

Proverbs 2

Luke 16


Numbers 6

Proverbs 3

Luke 17


Numbers 7

Proverbs 4

Luke 18


Numbers 8, 9

Proverbs 5

Luke 19


Numbers 10

Proverbs 6

Luke 20


Numbers 11

Proverbs 7

Luke 21


Numbers 12, 13

Proverbs 8, 9

Luke 22