Being a good WordPress citizen

We all make mistakes. It’s natural and inevitable. Sometimes we do the right things in the wrong way. All we can do in those situations is learn from them and move on as better versions of ourselves.

But what about when you’re just an innocent bystander watching from the sidelines as this person or business is navigating the storm they’ve found themselves in? What are your options then?

You could jump on that bandwagon and shower public shame via your favorite social network. You could write blog posts talking about how bad they are. You could even create an entire site dedicated to hurting their business.

Or you could empathize with the stress and loneliness that comes when you think the whole world thinks you’re stupid or worse, evil.

Sometimes things need to be exposed but there is almost always a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Just remember that one day you will probably make a mistake of your own so consider how you would like the community to react to yours.