Be a cheerleader

There are a few ways one can raise their profile and get noticed in any community. This is an important skill as it pertains to business.

You can be loud. You can be opinionated. You can be prideful and arrogant fighting injustices that only exist in your own mind. People will notice you. People may even talk about you. They will likely not want to be associated with you though. If you are this person, you’re likely lonely. Every idea is a battle that needs to be fought.

Or you could be a cheerleader. See the good in everyone with whom you interact. Encourage others when they are struggling. Congratulate others when they have a success. Broadcast the good you see others do. Contribute to the conversation. Support the cause. People like people who like them. People want to be around their friends.

Do you want to know how to start a successful business? The process begins before you ever have that big idea.

If you want to be a star player or a heavy hitter you will find your training begins not on the field, but as a member of the pep squad.