Attack from the devil, sign from God or just a bad week?

If I said that the past few week of preparing for this first sneak preview for LifePoint Community Church was a breeze, I would be lying. It has been so hard. It started with the weight of finances on me. We just didn’t have enough money for some essential things so my wife and I tapped ourselves to get a lot of initial items for the church. To make matter worse I got a speeding ticket that cost us $173.00. That was pretty much my own fault but it stung one the less. And then tonight.

I got a call from someone on my launch team concerning another member who was in a car accident tonight. This wasn’t a little fender bender either. The member of the launch team was shaken up but overall ok but the 19 year old who was riding a motorcycle had to be air-lifted to the hospital. This launch team member and his wife are our children’s church coordinators so they are also crucial to tomorrow’s service. Please keep that young man in your prayers through this very difficult time.

I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m sure its not been fun. Tomorrow I will post the results of our first poorly marketed sneak preview service. Good night.