Are you the one? I’m not.

Here is a thought I just thought I would throw out there in the great blogosphere. This is coming from a church planter who is really just starting. I read the amazing blogs of amazing pastors at amazing churches all the time. People like Craig Groeschel at, Steven Furtick at Elevation, Perry Noble at New Spring, Dave Ferguson at Community Christian Church and the list goes on. When I read what these churches are doing I get lit. It is such a huge inspiration to watch God move in such amazing ways in these various churches. Week after week I read how their attendance is climbing, finances increasing; band nailed another awesome song and other various reports. It really is awesome but sometimes it can be overwhelming as well.

I think that sometimes I, like many other young church planters, can get so caught up in the dynamic universe of ultra-successful churches that we become deflated in our own work. We have the same mission, similar visions and sometimes we might even have similar strategies. Then Monday comes and we all write our blogs about our past Sundays. Some weeks our blogs look similar. Everything is up, up, up and God is making waves. But most weeks we feel it is exactly the opposite. Their attendance has increased while we don’t even have most of our volunteers. They have had the biggest giving weekend ever while we are still trying to figure out how to pay last week’s expenses. They delivered the most powerful message in their ministerial career and ours made it about 12 inches from our mouths before it was taken out by a rogue MESSAGE DEFENSE SYSTEM.

My point is that planting a church is a lot of hard work that will more than likely leave you with a few cuts and bruises. Even the big boys didn’t get there without their share of failures. Our job is big and very overwhelming. But our God is bigger and He has it all under control. If you are feeling small and unable to face the challenge consider Gideon. Judges 6:11-16

I feel a lot like Gideon sometimes. God is talking to me, challenging me, telling me that He’s with me. The whole time I’m thinking, yeah right! If you’re with me than why can’t we pay our bills, why is attendance so sparse, why do I still have to lead the band? If you really are with me than why is this all happening? You told me to do this and now where are you? Maybe I’m not the one? I live in a small town. My family isn’t that popular and really I’m the least talented one in the family.

It is at those moments that if I will shut up long enough to listen I can hear God say, “You’re not the one, I AM!”

Church planting is hard but it is so much easier when you realize that you are not the one. Why didn’t He just say that in the first place?