Are you prepared?

Yesterday we had, by Cleveland, Tennessee’s standards, a severe winter storm. This basically consisted of 3 inches of snow that stuck on the ground for about 2 hours in the early morning. This shut down the whole city. Schools, businesses and who knows what else were at a seasonal stand still. All over such a simple thing life had to stop.

Why is this? Cleveland just isn’t prepared. In there defense, we don’t get a whole lot of snow in these parts. But since Cleveland doesn’t anticipate getting much snow they don’t prepare to handle it when it does come.

We have a similar situation in our churches at times. Many churches have created environments where no one is anticipating visitors. It stands to reason that no one is prepared when visitors do come. And when we are not prepared the chances are pretty good that they aren’t coming back. It would matter, we weren’t expecting them too.

Here is an easy fix. We must turn our people into inviters. If they invite visitors they will start to anticipate there arrival and most people prepare for their guests. Our job as church leaders is to develop an attitude and atmosphere where people want to invite people. Don’t get caught in a severe visitor storm.