Are you haunted?

I am. Something has been happening inside me that I have a very difficult time explaining. It has been happening for several months now and keeps getting more and more dramatic. I am haunted when I sleep. I am haunted while I’m awake. I am haunted when I watch TV and when I drive around town. I am haunted when I talk to friends and I am haunted when I sit in silence. I am sad and angry by what I see around me and brought to tears when I see someone do something about it. My heart is broken, my mind is overwhelmed and my body is weak. I must do more. I must help others do more. I must help other become haunted. I started our current message series called Haunted at LifePoint for this very reason. I believe the Holy Spirit wants to do something so deep inside of us that we will be unable to live simple, ordinary lives. He wants to haunt us. Here is the video that we used to intro the series. Remember, it only begins to tell the story.