Apple’s iPad – Not a game changer

Many of us technology addicts have been waiting for the latest product to come out from the amazing people at Apple. I have been waiting for a device that was elegant and multipurpose for some time. I have a lot of gadgets. There are plenty of people who have more than me but I have plenty. My list of commonly used gadgets is as follows.

  • Windows Desktop Computer
  • Windows Laptop
  • Windows Netbook
  • Macbook
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Kindle II
  • Canon T1i DSLR

Now these are just my everyday gadgets. There are plenty more that just take up space. One of my goals is always to find out how to consolidate my gadgets. By that I mean find a gadget that can replace two or three of my commonly used items. I love moving toward simplicity as much as possible. So here is my impression of the newly debuted iPad versus my current gadgets.

The iPad is an impotent computer

  • You can only install Apple approved apps which means most of the things I use an actual computer for are not possible in the iPad. I will most likely never get the apps that I need to design a website on a device like this.
  • No multitasking. Even if I could get the apps I need to design  a website, I could only use them one at a time. Not functional at all.

The iPad is a clunky iPhone with less features

  • It’s not truly mobile. To me mobile means I can carry it around discreetly. No one is going to be carrying an iPad in their pocket.
  • No phone calls.
  • No sms.
  • No Camera.
  • Are you kidding me. You call a giant iPhone that can’t do half the things an iPhone can do with no real added functionality innovation. Sheesh.

The iPad is a Kindle on steroids

  • And remember, steroids shrink whats most important. 😉
  • It’s back-lit which is code for eye strain and eventual headache.
  • It may be great for magazines and webpages but when I’m reading a book I want something easy on the eyes with as little visual distraction as possible.

My final analysis is that this device is a wash for any real users. It will still sell and sell big because some of us just can’t resist a new shiny piece of technology. It will, however, not replace anyones computer, iPhone or Kindle anytime soon. I think I can honestly skip this device until they make some major improvements and paradigm shifts.

What are your thoughts? Am I completely wrong? What do you like or dislike about the iPad?