An open letter to the next President of the United States

Mr. President,

You have vowed you will do a great many things during your term as President. Promises to fix the economy, strengthen our international relations, care for our planet, and work to decrease and one day eliminate human suffering. I believe that deep down every American wants these things but has no faith that any of them will truly happen. We want to believe in a better America but it seems that they are impossible expectations. Leaders form both parties over several decades have made those promises and all of them have failed to one degree or another. I am confident that you will do the same, but I am ok with that on one condition. Will you feel the pain of those decisions before you make them?

You have claimed that you are a follower of Christ. Although many have speculated whether or not that is true, I make no such accusation. I only ask that if you believe what you claim, that you wrestle with the heart of God on every decision that you make. I am not asking you to make no decisions at all or to fail to lead with strong convictions. I am simply asking you to lead humbly. Admit your mistakes when you make them, and you will make them. Feel the broken heart of God in your own and let it guide you in all future trials. If you will do this, not privately but publicly, you may just leave the greatest legacy of any American President up to this point. 

I am praying for you. Not that you will fix all of our problems but that your heart will be humbled by the mere fact that you can’t. Only then will you be able to lead as you must.

In God I trust,

James A. Laws