An Amazing Sunday and more to come

  • It wasn’t the crowds. We were missing a lot of our regular people, although we did have a several visitors.
  • It wasn’t the music. We didn’t have a full band but I think my wife and I did a pretty good job. More her than me.
  • It wasn’t the message. Don’t get me wrong, the message Pastor Craig preached was simply tremendous. It stirred me and I believe it stirred all those who were attending. But that wasn’t it.

It was the Holy Spirit. He was there impacting each of us in a very profound way. All the way from the lobby to the theater. All the way through the music, message and my closing remarks. The Holy Spirit was active and I think people were more aware of it than they may have been before.

I believe the Holy Spirit is there at every service at LifePoint but there are times when you sense his active presence more than usual. This Sunday was one of those times.

You do not want to miss this coming Sunday because I believe we are going to experience it again. Maybe it’s the One Prayer series, maybe it’s the unity of over 1400 churches, maybe it’s just that God is getting ready to do something huge at LifePoint and in Cleveland, TN. Whatever it is…I want in.