Above and Beyond

The final numbers are in. I would like to share with you our first small but important victory. To do this properly I thought I would share with you all the posts that we’ve made while discussing this challenge and how God came through above and beyond. So here they are.

So those are the posts that we made through this process but here is the summary and outcome of the whole thing. We determined on March 13th that we needed an additional $1,700.00 to get into our April launch. After the launch team pitching in and some large gifts from other we not only made out goal but brought in $459.00 over our projected goal. As far as I am concerned that is awesome.

In going through this I began to think about David. When we think about his life, we many time think of his battle with Goliath and think what faith he had. What we sometimes forget is that he had a few smaller challenges that he had to face that built his faith and determination for God. I know that Goliath is still to come but I am thankful to God for allowing us to face the lion in preparation.