A prayer for February 18th, Part One

As you already know this is our second preview service. I wish I could say that we have the money we need to accomplish where we are going but we don’t. I wish I could say that all of our technical problems are taken care of but they’re not. I wish I could say that the crowd will be many but I can’t. I wish I could at least say that I am prepared but I’m not. There are many more things that I wish I could say, do and be but I can’t so what would be the point. Instead of focusing on what “I can’t” do I will focus on what “You can” do.

You can prepare this launch team to be your ministers of grace. You can give us a heart that burns with what your heart burns for and direct us how to respond to that burning. You can compel our first impressions team by your love to welcome every guest like the special creation they are. You can empower our children’s team to make Jesus real in every child’s life in the fun and exciting environment we have tried to create. You can give our nursery team and area your care, peace and security that can be felt by the parents that will be dropping their children off. You can reinforce the wisdom of our tech teams so that the sound, lighting and video enhance and not distract your work. You can cause the songs that our music team has prepared to reach into the depths of every person and bring to light their need for you. You can give my feeble attempts at communication clear direction with real impact so that those that come can not only hear but act on your wonderful gospel. You can draw and prepare the hearts of those that you want us to minister to.

I refuse to focus on what I can’t do when you can do so much. I am asking that you do all the above and more on February 18th.