A night at the movie theatre.

Have you seen the new move ‘Night at the Museum’? At night everything in the museum come to life. Well I just experience the same thing tonight. I just got back from the Premiere Theatre with Kevin and Josh. No , we didn’t go to see a movie but it was very cool none the less. Let me explain a bit.

Kevin and Josh were supposed to go to the theatre this afternoon to get measurements and to test the projector and sound.  When they got there the manager apologized because he forgot that the were running matinees so they could really do what they needed to do. He set it up where we could go this evening and test everything after the last movie let out. So Kevin, Josh and I set out to get the job done. It went fairly well and we stopped by to thank the night manager for letting us do all our stuff when Josh noticed that the manager was reading a book about movie making. He asked him about it and Kevin jumped in to recruitment mode. By the end of the long evening this particular manager/movie-maker had volunteered to help us with our multi-media from concept to production and found a church where he could explore what it truly means to be a follower of Christ. The fact that he is a manager at the place we are renting isn’t bad either.

On this night at the movie theatre God decided to put on a show and I didn’t even have to buy a ticket.