A look ahead at Summer

I am so excited about what is going to be happening with LifePoint this summer. I don’t have time at the moment to write an in depth post about everything at the moment so I will just give some previews.

  • This coming Sunday we are continuing our message series Quality Control. The last two topics have been pretty challenging and this Sunday we are talking about our relationships. I think it will be really good.
  • We have finally started putting our message series online. This has mostly been my fault. I am never happy with the message once it’s over, at least not to be captured in digital eternity. I have finally stopped procrastinating and so all future message should be available online. The quality of our recording process is still under development but they are there.
  • We have a few great local missions projects planned for the summer to include but not limited to our Habitat for Humanity partnership. Should be great.
  • In June we will be joining with over 800 churches from all over the world in a series called One Prayer. Included with that series is a massive missions initiative to start over 500 churches in areas that really need them. It is an honor and a privilege for LifePoint to be able to participate in such a unifying work of ministry.
  • Also in June we have our first two house dedications with the Habitat for Humanity. That will be a lot of fun.
  • On July 12th I have the honor of performing the marriage ceremony of TJ Fetig and Sarah Warren. It will be an awesome day I am sure.
  • On July 18th I will turn 33. I have been told I will be taking the whole weekend off. This will be the first Sunday I have missed since we started LifePoint. It is actually the first official Sunday I’ve had off since I started pastoring…5 years ago.
  • By the end of summer I expect to lose another 15lbs. Who wouldn’t be excited about that?

The summer months are not all smiles and celebrations though. In July we say goodbye to Myk & Julie Emmons. Myk has been leading our worship team for about a year now and Julie has sung by his side. Most of all they have become great friends and we will miss them very much. More on that bit of depression at another time.

For now lets be excited at all God is going to do in Cleveland, TN this summer.