A little plug for my cousin.

Although I am sure he does care to be “plugged” I am going to do it anyway. Now, mind you, I haven’t spoken to him in years other than a short email or two about 2 months ago.

My cousin, Mark Schilling, is the youth pastor at Mt. Zion Ministries which is the church where I grew up. Just a few short months ago he started blogging and since he is family and is most obviously passionate about Christ and his cause I though I would point a few of you to his blog.

If you don’t know anything about Upstate New York you should know that it has been nicknamed the burned over state. Back in 1826, Charles Finney conducted what can only be described as a revival. It has been said that whole town and cities were won to Christ. Bars and the like shut down and it’s effects were felt for hundreds of miles. Since then Upstate New York has become a cynical place where most churches don’t thrive but barely survive.

My cousin is sowing on hard soil but seeing awesome things take place and I am proud at what is happing up there. Take a moment to check out his blog and keep him in your prayers.