A lesson from 96.5 The Mountain

96.5 The MountainA few weeks ago my favorite radio station changed it’s format. They had been the areas best modern rock station for as long as I have lived in Tennessee and then all of the sudden switched to “todays hit music.” In my opinion we didn’t need another radio station playing “the hits” and yet they made the switch anyway.

This is what 96.5 new. Their purpose is to make more money and increase ratings and they have to program accordingly. Most of us who used to listen will no longer do so but 96.5 was prepared for that. They new that the change would help them reach their goal and that us dedicated rock enthusiasts would get our rock & roll elsewhere. I will no longer listen to 96.5 but I’m not there target.

There is a lesson for the church in this. At times the church has programmed for a niche group. When the church caters only to it’s fans it fails in the mission. Any church that chooses to program for people who do not currently listen may loose some fans but will eventually expand it’s reach. And isn’t that the point?

I may not listen to 96.5 any more but I certainly am listening to their lesson.