A few additions to the ole’ blog

I haven’t had a chance lately to mess around with the blog that much, other than posting of course, so I thought I would add a couple of things.

I first saw ClickComments over at Swerve and finally decided to give it a wirl. Even if you don’t have time to comment simply click on one of the icons to let us know what you thought of the post. If you don’t use it we might just lose it. Probably not. It doesn’t effect us if it sits there but it would be really cool if you did use it.

We also added some links so you can add any particular post that gets your knickers in a cinch to your favorite blogging network. Yeah, I know we are so behind the times on this one but better late then never. I hope you enjoy our newest additions.

UPDATE: Also Steven Furtick did his first video blog you can check it out here. I am also considering doing a video blog type thing here at verge. I started thinking about it about a week ago and then there goes ole’ Steven (we’re on a first name basis) stealing my thunder. Of course mine won’t be recorded with a professional camera and microphone so we will just have to see how it goes.

If you like the whole video blog thing you can check out Ed Young Jr’s here. I have to admit they are pretty cool. Ed (we’re on a first name basis as well) always has something great to say so check it out. Tootaloo.

I can’t believe I just typed tootaloo…