A day in the life of a bi-vocational pastor.

Christmas break is over. And I am now entering the most intense 25 days of my life. Of course this is how long until our first sneak preview service at LifePoint. I am so excited but I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t stressed. Any one who knows the pressures of a church planter would never ask why, but there are many who might not understand such struggles. In addition to that stress I am a bi-vocational church planter. So today I thought I would share an average work day in the life of James Laws the bi-vocational church planter.

6:30 am Wake up, get ready for the day (my morning prayer closet is in the shower), running late already so I skip breakfast (I hear you shouldn’t do that).

7:15 am The drive to work. I work 45 minutes away from home so I try to make good use of the time by listening to my
favorite communicators like Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel and Rob Bell. I also listen to one of my favorite podcasts, the Simply Strategic Show with Tony Morgan & Tim Stevens.

8:00 am Arrive at work. I work for an online fashion jewelry web store doing their website design and development, graphic design projects and online tech support. Due to the large quantity of merchandise and projects I have little time for much else although I do spend my breaks and lunch doing various tasks for the church and writing this blog.

4:30 pm The drive home. Please refer to the drive to work section above.

5:15 pm At this time I pick up my wife from work and head home to get changed for my work out at the Rush. Stress has
really been getting to me and I have been really tired a lot so I decided that I need to make my health I priority. Mainly because I plan on serving God far a long time.

5:30 pm It’s off to the Rush. This time slot can vary as to when and for how long depending on the day. Sometimes my
exercise partners need to meet later and it also depends on whether we are doing weight training or just cardio. Either wa  I am always exhausted afterwards.

7:00 pm Family time. This varies as well depending on my wife’s schedule but it usually consists of dinner, chores, relaxing together or at least catching up on each others day.

9:00 pm Church time. This time slot can many times be swapped with the previous time slot depending on the type of stuff I need to get done concerning the church. But hear is a small list of things that I do during this time; phone calls, email, website updates, graphic design for signs and print materials, service planning, ministry team planning, church legal work, study and research, long fervent prayer for the church and launch team members, prayer for those who we have invited and who God will send to us, tying up loose ends and many other to do’s not covered in the items above.

12:00 am Sometimes later but always around this time I go to bed. I would like to say that when I go to sleep that I forget the above and just rest but that wouldn’t be honest. God has given me some strange curse to be able to think and actually problem solve while I sleep. This is when I tackle the most difficult decisions. 😉 Then I go back to the beginning and do it all again.

If after reading that you ask, “How do you get it all done?� The answer is, I don’t. The fact that I am bi-vocational means that I have to build a team. It can not all get done any other way. Am I tired? Yes. Am I stressed? Yes. Am I scared? Yes. Is it worth it? YES!