5 Reasons I Stink at Halo2

I know what you are thinking. What does this have to do with my usual topics? Well in my short time of relaxation through Halo2 today I began to realize that the reasons I stink at Halo2 are some of the same reasons why leaders fail. So even though I will be talking about a game, know that there are leadership lessons if you care to see them.

  1. I can’t watch my whole screen. When in the heat of the moment I only see the task at hand and many times don’t notice the other opponents on the screen or tasks needing to be accomplished. As a leader you need to be able to see the big picture and how each smaller part fits into that picture.
  2. I usually use the wrong weapons. When my opponents are close I’m using a rocket launcher and when they are far away I use the shotgun. Versatility in the moment of the game is not one of my strengths. Every situation requires a certain way of handling it. Sometimes you need to be aggressive and other times it may take a gentle touch. Knowing the difference could mean a lot less heartache.
  3. I have terrible aim. When in a conflict I don’t take out the real threat, I shoot the wrong things. Instead of a headshot that would end the altercation instantly, I shoot the body, legs or some nearby inanimate object. Have you ever been confronted with a problem but kept dealing with only the symptoms. A good leader learns how to get to the cause of a problem.
  4. I’m terrible at watching the radar. It tells me when there is trouble nearby by showing me a red dot in the directions of said trouble. My problem is that I am not good a paying attention to it when there are other things going on. Discernment is not just a spiritual gift but is also a leadership skill to be carefully sharpened.
  5. I rush in. I do. As soon as my feet hit the map I am charging the enemy. I don’t get the right weapons first and I defiantly don’t form a plan. I just rush in and accomplish nothing in the process. At some point many leaders are fooled into believing that they should just go and let God figure it out. The whole time God is probably wishing they would have had a plan. God should be just as much of the plan as He is the process. There is a phrase that says it best. Fools rush in.

Luckily I don’t usually make these mistakes in my leadership, just in Halo2. These are five very important skills every leaders needs. If perhaps I have pointed out a weakness in your own leadership, work on it. It’s better to take the time to develop these skills than to pay the penalties that are inevitable if you don’t.