5 posts in one…what a bargain

In my week and a half off from all things blogging a bunch of different things happened or are about to happen so I thought I would share my random thoughts.

XBOX – In light of Kevin’s new Xbox 360 I have inherited his old plain Jane Xbox. This is pretty cool since I love Halo 2 but don’t get to play it nearly enough. Now I can play it anytime that…my wife lets me. I play on Xbox Live so if any of you would like to look me up and play a game or two with me my gamertag is Pastor of Pain. Leave me a message of who you are otherwise I might ignore you as the 12 year old who wants to be my friend because I was on their team when we pown’d those other guys. I am an Xbox Live snob. I add people to my friends list because I like playing with them not because I won with them. I’ll be looking for you.

EASTER – It’s only 11 days away and I am so excited! This is our official launch and the start of our regular weekly services. What this means to me is the opportunity to build momentum. I have only preached 3 times in the last 3 months. I don’t know why I have just figured this out but preaching is something that you get into a rhythm with. I am so excited about getting back into the rhythm. Our Easter series is going to be great and I look forward to see what God is going to do with families in the Cleveland, TN area.

TAXES – It is a little known fact that Angela and I are not rich nor do we take in the income of a well off family. We get by mind you and are completely pleased with God’s provision for our lives but none the less we don’t have a lot of extra to go around. I did out taxes a few weeks ago and the results made me sick. No, I’m not getting a lot less than I was hoping; I’m paying a lot more than I have. Apparently, without my knowledge there was a filing error with some W-4’s which caused a lot fewer taxes to be taken out than should have been. This little blunder has amounted in taxes owed in the range of $670.00. I wasn’t sure where we were going to dig up that extra money. It turns out that some very close friends of mine were getting a very respectable tax refund. I am sure they would not want me to make a big deal about it on this blog so I won’t mention their names but they paid our entire tax amount owed. I haven’t even begun to express my gratitude for their willingness to give so generously when God told them to but I hope this is a good start. Your friendship, not your money, means the world to me. Thank you, Kevin & Jessa…oops.

BASKETBALL – Last night we played a mean game of twenty-one and the old Lee University basketball court. In the middle of our game about 15 to 20 guys accumulated and started trying to take over the whole court. They kept saying how rude we were because we would give them the whole court. Their reasoning was that since they were a big group they had the right to take over. We stood our ground and finished our game but it got me thinking. This was the same time that I was notified of my news found cult leader status. In the early stages of a church launch there always seems to be more critics than cheerleaders. They assume since their voices are many that they are right. They either try to bully you or discourage you out of the game. But here is one thing I know to be a fact, you never score once you stop taking shots.

$$$ – We need $1,700.00 to get into our April launch month. Doesn’t seem like a lot but when you are just a hand full of people and many of you have tapped yourselves it seems like a fairly big mountain. So far $700.00 has come in through various sources locally and $245.00 has come in online. That leaves only $755.00 to come in the next 4 days. That’s really only $188.75 a day, which is only the price of one tall latte a week for the next year. Could you give up one latte a week to see God change lives? Even if you wanted to pitch in a little less you can do so by clicking the “chip in” button in the right sidebar of this blog. By giving you’ll not only feel good, you’ll help launch a church. That’s not bad.