2 nights in the ICU

I haven’t written on this site for over a year so you might be wondering why I’m writing this all of the sudden. One answer is I’ve been thinking about my own mortality and what I’ll leave behind. Another one might be that there is so many changes going on in my life right now that I thought it would make sense to have a place to capture it all. If for no other reason than as a reminder of why I made the decisions I made.

Now that we have that out of the way let’s get on with the point of this post…

Last week my heart broke

Not in some sappy emotional way but in a very real physical way. On Thursday of last week around 1 o’clock in the afternoon I started to feel very strange. It started with me feeling my heart beat hard in my chest like I had not remembered ever experiencing. It was so hard that if I didn’t know better I would have thought it had escaped my chest cavity to come to the surface and knock right against my flesh. My heart beat wasn’t just hard but it was fast an irregular too. I tried slowing my breathing, walking around, getting some water, but nothing seemed to calm me down. Then I started to get slightly lightheaded and decided to go to the ER.

Hilarity ensues and someday you might even here about it

I had grand notions of telling you of all the adventures that were had in my two night stay in the ICU. Everything from the nurse with Tourettes to the nurse who sat by my bed the first night and began to tell me how he was going to “scare me” about the issues I was having. I’m not through this ordeal just yet but these moments at least give me something to smile about in the meantime. I’m just too tried from the medications to try and tell them in such a way that makes them as entertaining as they were while they were happening.

This is the end…

…of this post but not the end of me. I still have a lot of things to say and accomplish before I check out. I’m fine and as far as we can tell  completely healthy but two nights in the ICU made me want to make sure I didn’t miss one opportunity to leave as much of me behind when I finally do check out. So the blog is back. It remains to be seen whether that is a good thing or not.