15 days and 5lbs.

I have been counting calories now for 15 days. I have watched my weight go up and then down just a little bit and then up again. Weighing everyday can be frustrating because your body can fluctuate a couple pounds throughout the day. Yet I press on.

This morning I weighed myself and I have lost 5 lbs. in the past 15 days. I am right on schedule to lose the 60 lbs. that I want. I am also twi and a half weeks off all soda. Not to bad.

The purpose of all of this. I am on a discipline journey. I have lived a long time eating whatever I want and not doing everything that I should. I started with a disciplined spiritual routine, which is still a constant struggle, and now I am working on my physical self. This week I start doing a once a week fast to combine the two.

My desire is to bring my spirit and my flesh under the control of Christ. It has definitely been an interesting process but I am loving what is taking place. I’ll keep you posted.