13 days and counting

A few days ago I mentioned how tired I was but now I know I was just getting really, really sick. I can barely focus right now. Worse yet I couldn’t focus this morning at our final launch team meeting. I feel like I wasn’t truly able to communicate our current situation or offer a clear picture of the weeks to come. Either way this launch team never ceases to surprise me.

I handed out a list of things that were still needed and schedules of ministry areas. While everyone one was Reading over the list I broke one of the cardinal rules of church leadership. Instead of casting & reinforcing the vision I spoke of need. There is no doubt that there is great need but there is a far greater mission to be fulfilled. I only say this to show how God and people who are committed to His work can act despite of any one persons lapse in judgment.

We needed $2,500.00 worth of a lot of items. This includes nursery equipment, signs, tables, refreshments and various other items. One particular couple pretty much single handedly took care of our nursery and cafe. This shaved more than $1,500.00 off our expenditures and set us up to meet all of our projected needs. This launch team is the greatest group of people I could have ever asked to work with and I am so encouraged by all their efforts. 13 days to go and I know we are going to make it. Thank you , God.