10 years and plenty of regrets.

On this Thursday, April 3rd it will be mine and Angela’s 10th anniversary. WOW! 10 years that feels like 3. Time flies when you are married to the one you love or love the one you married. There is a problem with time going by so fast though. You have a ton of regrets of all the things you’ve missed. I thought I would share some of my regrets over the past 10 years to help other couples avoid them. These are not exhaustive but perhaps will get your imagination flowing enough to avoid some of the others.

I Regret…

  • Not taking more vacations with just Angela and myself when we had the money.
  • Spending countless hours in front of the computer “working” when I could be spending time with her.
  • Not losing more arguments.
  • Not spending nearly enough time growing spiritually together.
  • Getting us into debt and placing undue stress on Angela.
  • Not making each anniversary the most special day of the year.
  • Not doing more around the house to serve her.
  • Filling up my schedule so much that time with her suffered. I am the one who lost out on that one. I’m not really that fun to be around.
  • Not closely paying attention to every word that she has attempted to share.
  • Not treating Angela in everything the way my Dad treated my Mom. I had the perfect example, it’s a shame to ignore it.

    Regrets mean nothing if when given the opportunity to correct them you do nothing. I can promise you, Angela and everyone who reads this blog that I won’t have the same regrets at year 20 as I do now. Later I will share what I am thankful for over the past 10 years.