01/21/2007 – What is a successful sneak preview service?

So today was the day. Our first sneak preview service and the entire team had to set up in freezing rain, which in Cleveland, TN is state of emergency. We had no idea how many people to expect but weather like this is never good for any kind of turn out. Even with all of that the team pushed forward to put together the best Sunday service we possibly could. Here is the run down as far as I know so far.


It went really well for having the weather we did. A bunch of us met at the storage facility at 7 am. We were loaded and on the way to the movie theater by 7:20. We unloaded the truck and I had to head over to Preston’s house, our band leader, to pick up some of his equipment. All in all we were completely unloaded by 8:15 and were supposed to be set up by 9:30. Of course things couldn’t go completely smoothly, the movie theater had not been cleaned from the night before. Once the lobby team got set up they cleaned our theaters, hallways and bathrooms. We also had some sound and lighting difficulties so the main auditorium was completed until 9:45. At that point we were good to go.


Like I said earlier we really didn’t know how many to expect. First of all we hand decided not to do any marketing for the preview services and save it for our official Easter launch. It was mostly word of mouth we were relying on. Whether that was wise or not I don’t know but that’s what we did. At the end of it all we had a total of 70 people at the service. I don’t know if that’s good by anyone else’s standards but considering the average church in this area is under 50 people, I would say that’s pretty good for no marketing.


I am very pleased. Would I have liked more people to be there? Sure. It just gives me something to work even harder on and I like a challenge. God is awesome and I am so thankful that He made this first one such a success. I can’t wait to see what He does in February.